Thursday, 5 August 2010

Nights of Ramadan comes to playa de Las Canteras in september

The initiative Nights of Ramadan, launched by Casa Árabe and where Casa Africa participated for the first time in September of last year, returns to Las Palmas de Gran Canaria this autumn. The sweet voice of the Moroccan Oum and the cinema, with child sitting in the hands of Michel Ocelot and adult session led by Ismael Ferroukhi, make up the Canary program of this celebration of coexistence, tolerance and culture.

Nights of Ramadan takes place in Plaza Churruca, (Paseo de Las Canteras), on 10 and 11 September. This new edition of Ramadan nights try to approach the Muslim feast to the neighbours of three cities since September 2. Madrid will start the celebration of nights of Ramadan that day. The feast continues in Alicante, organized by Casa Mediterránea and at last in Gran Canaria with Casa Africa whose repeat the experience.

Nights of Ramadan comes to Canarias with Oum, which shall submit their eclectic sounds, mixing music Arabic and contemporary rhythms, on Friday, September 10, at 22:00 hours. Famous for themes as Lik, which has recently remixed with Moroccan rapper Don Bigg, Oum will step onstage to African Dance Set, a multicultural experience in all directions, Gambia, Senegal and Spain and joined dance, percussion and a DJ.

Michel Ocelot, popular for the series starring for “the small Kirikou”, is the director of Azur and Asmar, a film about the friendship between two very different children that will be visible in the screen at Churruca square on Saturday, September 11, from 9.00 hours. To the adventures in search of the fairy of the djins will follow “the long voyage”, of Ismael Ferroukhi, at 22:30. The film of the Moroccan filmmaker talks about communication between a father and a child in the context of the pilgrimage to Mecca.