Saturday, 15 May 2010

Party "África Vive” in Las Palmas de Gran Canaria

Venue: In the Park of the Canary Islands (Santa Catalina Park Interchange). Date: May 16, 2010. The FAAC has actively collaborated with the Casa África for making this festival “África vive”, a great celebration organized in collaboration with the network “África vive” of African associations, with over twenty educational centers, NGOs and other entities of civil society. Program: At 10am the party begins! African drums, welcome of the Casa África, the brothers Thioune and ethnic African dances. At 10.30am: Batik workshops, henna, locks, graphs on the sand, pastry, African games, dance, percussions, masks, makeup, jewelry, water and biofuels. At 11:30am: Taletellers (Bonai & Bonifrace). At 12am: African Area Gourmet. At 12.45am: Processions. At 12:50am: Trophy ceremony of football tournament 7 "África Vive" At 13am: Theatrical Activities: Coro Gospel, Taletellers, Da Brains, Ethnic African dances with Afrocanarians. At 15am: End of the Party: Dance show and music.

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